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Release date: 2021

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Contract Law


This Contract Law book is a simplified guide for law students. When looking for Contract Law book students find books like Mckendrick contract law and Elliott and Quinn Contract Law quite lengthy. We offer an alternative pocket sized textbook on Contract Law. It is less detailed than the books cited above but more detailed than Contract Law by Law Express. If you like it is a Contract Law for dummies UK or for anyone studying contract law at university. It is the perfect text for contract law training for non-lawyers UK or anyone wanting to become a contract law specialist or anyone that is doing Contract Law revision.

All the important topics are covered in this book. The book provides discussion around topics like: innominate terms in contract law, practical benefit contract law, contract law certainty, postal rule contract law UK, building contract law, sale of goods and business to business contract law. You can have a look below to see a chapter breakdown. You can also download a free sample below.

The book provides essential information you need and breaks down the information in a specific format. It gives you the general principle, followed by the cases authority, then the facts of the case followed by the ratio. The ratio being the reason the court decided the case in the way that they did. Followed by application, this is how the case should be used. There is no other book that presents the information like this. It encourages students to use this method in their study and when and if they go on to make their own notes.





  • Demonstrate an awareness of the core principles of Contract Law.

  • Critically assess challenging mock factual scenarios and be able to pick out legal issues in the various areas of Contract Law.

  • Apply their knowledge when writing a formal assessment.

  • Present a reasoned argument and make a judgment on competing viewpoints.

  • Make use of technical legalistic vocabulary in the appropriate manner.

  • Be responsible for their learning process and work in an adaptable and flexible way.

  • Provide an introduction to anyone studying or interested in studying Law to the key principles and concepts that exist in the Law of Contract.

  • To provide a framework to consider Contract Law within the context of examinations.

  • Provide a detailed learning resource in order for legal written examination skills to be developed.

  • Facilitate the development of written and critical thinking skills.

  • Promote the practice of problem solving skills.

Chapter 1 - Introduction/Overview


Chapter 2 - Offer


Chapter 3 - Acceptance


Chapter 4 - Consideration


Chapter 5 – Duress


Chapter 6 – Promissory Estoppel


Chapter 7 - Intention


Chapter 8 - Privity of Contract


Chapter 9 - Terms of the Contract

Chapter 10 - Exemption Clauses


Chapter 11 – Misrepresentation


Chapter 12 - Mistake


Chapter 13 - Frustration


Chapter 14 - Remedies

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