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Release date: 2021

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This Q&A Contract Law book is full of questions and answers for law students. When looking for Q&A Contract Law book students find books like Concentrate Questions and Answers Contract Law and Nutshell Contract Law. While these books provides the reader with the ability to get a quick overview of the topic's key ideas, propositions, cases, and laws, they do not show you how to answer a question you will get in the exam or for coursework. These types of books while excellent for when the reader is either new to the field or wants to brush up before examinations, they lack detail in the contract law problem question model answers they provide. 

In our Q&A Contract Law book we have 18 potential essay and problems questions that you may get in your exams. Furthermore, it is more likely than not that one of the questions we have tackled in the Q&A will be set as a coursework or assignment question as part of your Contract Law module. Do yourself a favour and get this law book to maximise the chances of better results. Not only does Q&A Contract Law provide you with a contract law problem question model answer, it also shows you a contract law essay example and how you should be answering the questions. Use it as a guide, to start answering contract law problem questions and a contract law essay in the right way. 

This book delves into all of the significant subjects in length. The book includes discussions on a variety of topics, including: Offer and Acceptance, Battle of the Forms, Postal Rule and Instantaneous Communication Essay, Consideration, Duress, Promissory Estoppel, Problem Question Intention to Create Legal Relations, Privity of Contract, Terms of Contract, Unfair Contract Terms, Exclusion clauses, Misrepresentation, Mistake, and Remedies.


You may have a look at the table below to get an overview of each chapter. You also get a free sample by downloading it from the link below. No other book offers the material in such a unique way. It encourages students to apply this approach in their coursework essays as well, when they are  required to compose their own solutions to set contract law questions.





  • Show that you are familiar with the fundamentals of contract law.

  • To identify legal concerns in the many fields of contract law, one must be able to critically evaluate difficult simulated factual events.

  • When preparing a formal evaluation, they should put their expertise to use.

    Give a persuasive argument and evaluate opposing points of view.

  • Make effective use of specialised legal terminology in the way that is required.

  • Be accountable for their own learning process and approach their job in a versatile and adaptive manner.

  • Objectives Introduce the main ideas and concepts found in the Law of Contract to anybody studying or considering studying law.

  • To provide a framework for thinking about contract law in the context of exams.

  • To help students strengthen their abilities for legal written exams, provide a thorough learning resource.

  • Help people strengthen their writing and critical thinking abilities by providing supervision.

  • Encourage the development of abilities in problem solving and problem-solving practise.

Chapter 1 - Introduction/Overview


Chapter 2 and 3 – offer/Acceptance/Revocation

Question and Answers

  • Offer and Acceptance problem 1

  • Offer and Acceptance Problem 2

  • Battle of the Forms Essay

  • Postal Rule and Instantaneous Communication Essay


Chapter 4 - Consideration

Question and Answers

  • Consideration Essay Question

  • Consideration Problem Question


Chapter 5 – Duress

Question and Answer

  • Duress Essay Question


Chapter 6 – Promissory Estoppel

Question and Answer

  • Promissory Estoppel Essay


Chapter 7 - Intention to Create Legal Relations

Question and Answer

  • Problem Question Intention to Create Legal Relations 


Chapter 8- Privity of Contract

Question and Answer

  • Privity of Contract Problem Question


Chapter 9 - Terms of the Contract

Question and Answers

  • Problem question on Implied Terms

  • Terms of Contract Essay Question

  • Terms of Contract Problem Question


Chapter 10 - Exemption Clauses

Question and Answers

  • Unfair Contract Terms Act 1979 Essay

  • Exclusion clause Problem Question


Chapter 11 – Misrepresentation

Question and Answer

  • Misrepresentation Problem Question


Chapter 12 - Mistake

Question and Answer

  • Mistake Problem Question


Chapter 13 - Remedies

Question and Answers

  • Remedies Problem Question

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