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Release date: 2021

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Equity and Trusts


Are you studying Equity and trust Law UK? This is by far one of the bestselling titles in the whole Series in both the UK and in other Commonwealth countries that study Equity and Trusts, like India, Canada etc. One of the reasons this book does so well internationally is because Equity and Trusts is an old subject which changes slowly compared to other legal subjects. 

If you are looking for the perfect set of Equity and trust law notes, you have found them. Why not download the free Equity and Trust law notes pdf, and see for yourself. This book has been written by an Equity and trust law teacher with 15 years’ experience teaching law at university. 

Our Equity and Trusts book provides an introduction to Equity and introduction to Trusts. The book further discusses the three certainties, formalities, constitution of the trust, purpose trusts, unincorporated associations, secret trusts, charitable trusts, resulting and consulting trusts, trusts for family home, duties and powers of trustees, fiduciary duty of trustees, tracing and flowing of trust property, other equitable remedies and the liability of strangers.

The book supplies the required information and presents it in a certain format. Everything from the central idea to the relevant authorities to the relevant data to the relevant case ratio is covered. The judge based his conclusion on this proportion. Further discussion of the proper application of the case is provided in the book. The perspective in this book is quite novel. Our Trusts and Equity PDF is available for download.






  • Show that you are familiar with the foundations of equity and trusts.

  • Analyze intricately recreated actual-world situations and pinpoint legal issues in a range of equity and trusts law subjects.

  • Create a formal assessment on equity and trusts using your expertise.

  • Make a strong case for your position and draw a conclusion on opposing viewpoints.

  • Use technical jargon or terminology from Equity and Trusts as necessary.

  • be in command of their career and education in a flexible and adaptable way.

  • The key ideas and concepts in equity and trusts should be briefly explained to those who are learning law or who want to study law.

  • in order to provide students a chance to consider Equity and Trusts law while completing exams.

  • To assist students improve their legal writing test skills, provide them a thorough study guide.

  • Encourage people to write better and think more analytically about equity and trusts.

  • Inform people on how to handle legal problems brought on by trusts and equity.

Chapter 1 - Introduction to Equity

Chapter 2 – Introduction to Trusts

Chapter 3 - The Three Certainties

Chapter 4 – Formalities

Chapter 5 – Constitution

Chapter 6 – Purpose Trusts

Chapter 7 - Unincorporated Associations

Chapter 8 – Secret Trusts

Chapter 9 – Charitable Trusts

Chapter 10 – Resulting and Consulting Trusts

Chapter 11 - Trusts for Family Home

Chapter 12 - Duties and Powers

Chapter 13 – Fiduciary

Chapter 14 – Tracing

Chapter 15 - Equitable Remedies

Chapter 16 - Liability of Strangers

Equity and Trusts


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